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Provide the most suitable technical solution for the enterprise

Internet transformation and online expansion

For enterprises whose core competitiveness and resources are not in IT technology, we will have an in-depth understanding of enterprise business and help enterprises plan and complete online business products. With professional products and technical capabilities, we will create customized technical solutions for every enterprise that has been served, and help enterprises to keep leading edge in the increasingly fierce competition.

Digital operations and efficiency optimization

Help enterprises improve operation efficiency, improve service quality and save operation cost. By understanding the existing operation process and situation of the enterprise, we make use of the rich experience of enterprise management process standardization to help the enterprise sort out and optimize the existing process and staff working mode, and make the business operation mode more digital and integrated.

Product iteration and new business incubation

It is vital for companies of any size to be nimble and efficient in landing ideas into products or new businesses. When the enterprise has limited product technology resources, it conducts customized software development by combining the company's business and product features, including all links from product concept design, experience design, agile payment and test deployment.

It can be launched to provide integrated APP solutions for enterprises and pay attention to technological growth and product experience. Help operators cover more user scenarios through mature and stable technology, and easily deal with various technical challenges including marketing, operation and maintenance. Promote the absorption and conversion of effective traffic, present the concept of brand image, and meet the diversified demands of enterprise management, operation and marketing.

Through the rapid changes, website products with various content information and interaction methods are still one of the mainstream Internet solutions in all industries. The website product plan includes but is not limited to the company's official website, management system, data frame and other product forms. High-performance, cost-effective smooth systems and data analysis can bring strong market competitiveness directly or indirectly.

The financial industry has gone one step ahead in its exploration of blockchain technology due to the impact and take-up of bitcoin, while applications in other industries are rapidly unfolding. Based on its own technical reserve and product design ability, it can help you re-optimize the original business process, reduce operating costs and improve synergies efficiency.

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Service Cases

Co-founder Plan

  • Technical partner

    Part of the technical service fee may be replaced by shares

  • Connect the investment

    Extensive access to investment, creative agency and media resources

  • Value-added service

    Architectural design, strategic planning, networking resources

  • Introduce smarts to startups

    Introduce smart people to startups